You've seen them around - the speed cameras. Sometimes they do some good, but not everyone is happy with them.Of course, it's a recurring debate as to whether or not it's constitutional, and some people are very passionate about the debate on both sides. Some feel it's a violation of their privacy, and a violation of due process.

An appellate court in Ohio, made a ruling against in a class-action lawsuit for the same reasons.

According to The News Paper,

The appellate judges agreed with the lower court that the case was particularly well suited to a class action since every ticket recipient suffered the same injury -- a ticket -- and would seek the same relief -- a refund -- all of which could be efficiently resolved in a single proceeding. If the court does find the program unconstitutional, all citations will be void and the city and Optotraffic would have to refund every dollar collected.

So what do you think?  Do you think it'll be overturned? Do you think it could happen in Missouri?  Weigh in with a comment below.

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