I would like to think of myself as an efficient adult. No, really.

Stop laughing.

So I try my best to make sure that the needs of the household are met when it comes to grocery shopping. I make a big trip maybe every two weeks or so.  Every now and then I'll stretch it out further and force us to get almost all the way through the freezer and cabinets and eat what we've got, you know how it is.  That's right, you're having fish sticks and tater tots for dinner, and you'll like it! 

But lately I've been finding myself stopping on the way home from work almost every day to pick up one or two things.  Like a gallon of milk or a container of hummus. It's usually a very specific one or two things. The other day I bought a loaf of wheat bread, two air fresheners (cat farts are the WORST), and a can of sliced pineapple. I can't imagine what the cashiers must be thinking.  I'm in there all the dang time, buying at most maybe five things.

Maybe it's that my big shopping trip doesn't always match up with daily needs?  Well, I know some of it is sometimes you can't get everything you want at one store unless you want to brave the People's Republic of Walton (which is usually the case for me.  I think I've been there once this past month because Husbando had a craving for a specific flavor of Drumsticks ice cream cones).

Which brings me to my question, are you a once a week shopper who gets everything in one go, or are you a person like me who ends up stopping by every other day?  I'm curious about your life, dear reader.

Shoppingly yours,


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