Some people shower every day, all year round, no exceptions.  We call those people liars.  KIDDING, I'm just kidding.  Anyway.Still, every once in a while, we ALL just kinda let our filthiness ride.  It's just part of being human!  Sometimes, the day gets away from you, or maybe it's the weekend and you're not doing happens!

A new survey asked people how far they've pushed it without taking a shower.  And HALF of people admit at some point, they've gone THREE DAYS or MORE without cleaning themselves.  The survey also found 60% of people try to use every single drop of shampoo or body wash before they throw away the bottle.  Your underarms are the spot you're most likely to wash every time you shower . . . you're least likely to wash behind your ears.

I'll admit it took me a while to figure out what to do just right. Before, it would vary. Like I'll skip a shower or two during the week - if I shower every day without exception, my skin dries out and gets a little itchy! It's not like I'm showering in super hot water or anything, it's just some strange thing about me. And since it's cold out, it's not like I'm sweating a lot or anything.  But in the summer, I'll shower every day regardless, just because a cool shower can really help on a hot day.

What about you?  Do you bathe or shower every day, no matter what?  Does that change based on the seasons?  What about your soap and shampoo... when will you throw it out or replace it?

Cleanly yours,

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