Who knew? Men who live in a country where the culture is more open to husbands and wives sharing housework seem to get more upset about their participation in this drudgery than in countries where women are expected to do all the housework.

Researchers from Emory University and Umea University in Sweden surveyed 14,000 adults from 30 countries and discovered that women on average said they did about three-quarters of the housework while men handled just over 30 percent.

Meanwhile, around 38 percent of men from the U.S., Australia, Denmark, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Latvia, Sweden and Poland, all considered gender egalitarian countries, said they shared about 50 percent of the chores at home.

But here’s where it gets interesting. Men from these countries also complained about doing an unfair amount of housework as opposed to those from less egalitarian countries.

Although it seems counter-intuitive, lead study author Sabino Kornrich says this resentment may stem from being aware that shared housework is just assumed in the country they live in.

Meanwhile, men in Japan, where women are expected to do most if not all of the housework, don’t feel the same kind of resentment even if they actually get around to helping a little bit around the house.

In my house, admittedly we TRY to split things, but I end up doing a lot less.  Husbando is a househusband type and ends up doing more than I do.  WELL, when it comes to stuff like dishes and vacuuming, anyway.  I do a lot more of the outdoor chores and all of our financial stuff like paying bills.  How does it work in your house - do you share the chores equally?  Who does what, and do you feel it's a fair arrangement?

Cleaningly yours,

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