Husbando and I officially tied the knot almost five years ago. 

We'd been together for a few years before that, of course.  I think we'd been engaged for almost a year or so before I even started thinking of planning it.  And it wasn't because I wanted it to happen so bad. It was because some work friends at the time just wanted to plan a wedding!  So, yeah, since it wasn't even my "get up and go" that got the whole process started, you can imagine how far my thoughts went when it came to the honeymoon.

Yeah.  That didn't happen.  It didn't happen partially because of costs.  I had gotten a lump sum of money at the time that was from a fire settlement (about five thousand dollars).  I used that money to pay for the cake, the venue, my dress, his ring, you dig it.  And I wanted to hang some of it back, to squirrel away in savings.  My Dad paid for the caterer as a wedding present (it was an old friend of his).

So that didn't leave much over for a honeymoon to begin with. And I didn't have much PTO because I had just started back at the stations, so it wasn't like I had a luxury of time either. I think I took maybe two days off work after the wedding to open presents, send out thank you cards, etc.  No actual Honeymoon, per se.

But Husbando wants to do something for it this year, for our fifth wedding anniversary.  My concerns are again, cost, and also, should we be travelling or in crowds? Well, it won't be til later this year, October.  Maybe we'll be past the worst of it by then?

I don't know, maybe even just a weekend away would be good enough. Maybe I just need some inspiration!

How did you spend your honeymoon? Did you go somewhere? What did you do? How much did you spend on it?

Honeymooningly yours,

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