Money. It's pretty important in our everyday lives. And how we spend it has definitely changed over the years. It's entirely possible that kids born three or four years from now may never really know what CASH is.  According to the latest reports out of the U.K., one out of eight people has now completely stopped carrying any cash or coins. I understand that for them, though, their equivalent of a dollar bill is a coin.  That gets heavy in the pockets after a while.  So, they're changing their ways. They're going straight credit and debit card, I assume.....  I doubt they're just running around writing checks. Although I do still see that  here once in a blue moon.

I imagine alot of it these days has to do with the pandemic. I mean, can you really clean a dollar bill? Maybe some genius knows how to do it, but I don't.  I never thought about how many people must have touched that bill before it got to me.  Each one must be just...riddled with like, bubonic plague.

And 50% of people say they expect cash and coins to basically disappear in the near future.  I know for myself, I pretty much use my debit card for everything.  I pay a lot of my bills online, and it just seems easier that way. To me, I can keep track of what I'm spending things on a little easier if I use a debit card.  It helps to keep me accountable because there's a record of it in  my bank account online. I can see it right there, what I spent it on and what I spent.  I'm the one in charge of the finances in our little household, so it's important to me that we keep the budget in check.

But my father always has a little cash, and Husbando would always have at least twenty bucks in his wallet, even if he does use his debit card more than anything else. That seems to work out for them okay.  So what about you?  Do you make a point to have cash in your wallet at all times?

Monetarily yours,


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