I've never had too much luck when it comes to doing the traditional "girly" thing of having nice, pretty fingernails. When I was a kid, I was always in the dirt so there'd be some filth under there.  As I got older, I played the violin, which meant that the fingernails on my left hand had to be somewhat short.  If the one hand had to be short, I had to make the right match.  So I never really had any scratchers to speak of until college.

Then, I still never really had too much luck keeping them.  They broke a lot.  I found out that if I painted them, it helped to keep them stronger.  Of course they still broke a lot, but after a while I decided to get them Professionally Done.  And that was fine for a while. But after a year or so, I wanted to be able to pick up coins off of a counter again.

Now, I'm in an unprecedented situation: my fingernails are... okay.  They're getting to be a reasonable length, and they're pretty much all the SAME length. Which is the odd part, because I'm always off in that regard.  They're painted, and that's good enough.  But I see all sorts of other pictures of ladies who do other, more complicated things to their fingernails.

Some people glue jewels in them.  Some people put rings in them.  Some people do crazy colors or patterns. I don't really get those, but one I REALLY don't get is the trend of having your fingernails be one color... except for the ring finger.  Apparently that has to be a different color. WHY.  I don't understand. Why that finger? Why do it at all?

I guess I'll never know.

Paintingly yours,


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