I'm not sure what it is that hits me so hard about this one, but it really does. 


It's not even an invitation, it's a command.  EAT HERE.  DO IT.  NOW.

And hey, why not?  It's important to use your words to get the things you want and need in life, right?

Or maybe it's not a command, maybe it's an instruction. Like, here is where you eat. If that's the case, how helpful! It can be a bit confusing where you should eat, after all.

Or maybe I'm seeing this all wrong.  Maybe it's not a command, or an instruction, maybe it's an exclamation.  Like, "Look, you know what happens here.  Enough already, just get pizza if you want it or don't for all we care! You know you'll be back for the ravioli!"

It really doesn't matter in the end because I like it and it makes me laugh.  Husbando does not find it funny in the least and looked at me funny when I showed him the photo.  Whatever, this is the same guy who actually wanted to throw out the extra Mazzio's ranch.  What a heathen.

Signingly yours,


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