I don't know about you guys, but I spend a lot of my time at work in front of a computer. And for a lot of us, that increased during the pandemic, when we were working from home.  I definitely notice that if I don't police myself, I slouch. I just do. I hunch over and do my work and don't even think about it for hours.

That can't be good, right?  I mean, I'm gonna be a hunched over little old lady if I keep that up.  I'm gonna be the Hunchback of Pettis County.  So I was thinking about some things to do to try to help that, and I found something but didn't end up getting it.

But then I got to thinking - I don't slouch at home.  I sit up relatively straight when Husbando and I are chillin' to a marathon of North Woods Law episodes.  What was different?  Well, the way I sit, obviously.  At home, I'm able to sit cross legged on the couch, and my laptop sits higher, on a raised table.  So that means my arms are up higher, and it's just a whole nother situation.  What can one do to make the two experiences similar? BAM.


YES INDEED, I found that on Amazon. It's a chair you can adjust so you can sit cross legged while at work! My posture problems might be solved after all!

"Pipersong Meditation Chair, Home Office Desk Chair, Cross Legged Chair with Lumbar Support and Adjustable Stool, Ergonomic Design for Multiple Sitting Positions, Upgraded,Grey"

It's even a rolly chair!  Well, I was excited for a second.  Then I saw it was THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS.  No thank you, good sir.  I will not be spending three benjamins on a chair that lives in just my office.  Maybe if I had a need for it at home, too, but...nah.  That's just too much.

Do you have problems slouching in front of the computer?  What do you do to fight it? Have you ever tried a standing desk, posture correction devices, or a special chair?

Posturingly yours,


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