You guys know what I'm like. I'm always ready to try something new.

And just the other day on social media, I saw something that was just that - brand new.  The new Cajun Burger at LeMaire's! I've done a ton of different posts trying new chips, new drinks, new snacks, new sandwiches.... It was time to keep the train rolling.

SO I asked my Dad if he wanted to go to a late lunch with me Friday.  And yes, 3:00 p.m. is a late lunch, not an EXTREMELY EARLY DINNER, because I am not a little old lady that gets her dinner with the early bird special. So it was lunch.  Just...late lunch.

We get in, get settled, and I ask about the new Cajun Burger.  Our nice waitress says that it's very new, and they're all still having to keep learning to remember how to make it, ha!  She hadn't even had it yet because it was so new.  I felt like a Food Pioneer, of course.  Now Dad gets the same thing every time he goes - the eight piece catfish - and didn't even need the menu.  The waitress had a nickname for him - Peachy.  He's a regular.  He's all about supporting local businesses, you guys. Leads by example. So anyway, here's how it went!

LeMaire's New Burger


All in all, a great burger with lots of great elements that was a little too much for me to eat.  But then, I'm just one person.  One tiny speck in the universe.  I liked the jalapenos and onions, I liked the bacon, I liked the little bit of crust on the burger... all of it was good.  Even if it didn't really fit in my mouth.  But hey, for a bigger eater, this might be perfect for you! You should definitely at least try it sometime.  For science.

Burgeringly yours,

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