Because of course I did.  Sure, Husbando was out of town, but I'm sure that had NOTHING to do with it. 

Oh, the internet.  It's a complicated, mystical place.  You can find seven thousand negative things in about two seconds, and you can also find eleven thousand cute or funny pictures in three seconds. I decided to contribute to the latter.
You might have seen it online.  Basically it's just a silly little thing to do with your cat.  They love boxes, and they love to sit in them whenever possible (especially if it seems impossible).  There's something about a nice square box that makes a cat happy.  So if the box makes them happy, surely a square would, too right?

There were a ton of cute pictures of people putting a square of tape on their floor, and then watching their cat sit in it.  I was alone Monday night, and after a couple glasses of box wine, decided to try it out.  I got some masking tape, and made myself a square on the kitchen floor.

There are three creatures that live our house. There's the alpha, Kitten:


The troublemaker, Figgy:


And the cranky old man, Washington (he's almost 15)


Well, wouldn't you know, as soon as I walked into the kitchen, they all followed. They watched me as I put down the tape.  When they realized I was not doing my food dispensing duties, they lost interest (the food bowls are in the kitchen).  Sure, Figgy sniffed the tape a little and scratched it a bit, but that was all.  Not one of those little nuggets would let me have a moment of cuteness and joy and just sit in the dang square. OF COURSE NOT.  Kitten immediately came and sat next to me on the couch after I'd put the tape down and gave me a look like, "What, am I your plaything now? I'm not doing it."  She then promptly fell asleep.  Washington came in and talked to me a little bit, and I'm pretty sure he was telling me the same thing in cat language.  Figgy did play with the tape a little but then beat feet out of the kitchen at fifty five miles an hour so she could look out the front window.  Apparently she was late for her 6:12 appointment at the window.

So, sorry, guys.  No internet joy here. But maybe you can try it, and see if it works for your furlings? If they do it, post a picture, and I can live vicariously through you! If you have tried it, did it work? Let me know all about it!

Squarely yours,


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