And Now . . . Another List of the Top 10 Horror Movies.  Every year there seem to be new ones that people like best! 

The Internet has put together a list of the Top 10 Horror Movies.   This one's a little different than most, because it's not just the opinions of one guy or a few people who run a website.  It's based on votes and ratings from IMDB users.  So there are a lot of movies you don't see on most Top 10 horror movie lists.  So whether you agree with the list or not, it's one of the most interesting of its kind.  Here it is . . .

#1.) "The Shining", 1980

#2.) "Alien", 1979

#3.) "Shaun of the Dead", 2004

#4.) "Psycho", 1960

#5.) "Cloverfield", 2008

#6.) "Zombieland", 2009

#7.) "Saw", 2004

#8.) "The Exorcist", 1973

#9.) "28 Days Later", 2002

#10.) "Sweeney Todd", 2007

I gotta agree with Shaun of the Dead, I love that one. And of course, Psycho is a classic (although I've always kind of considered that one more suspense than horror).  But where's The Omen?! Where's The Amityville Horror?! No Halloween?!  Is this supposed to be of all time, and doesn't include IT or Get Out?! What kind of crazy movie list is this?!!  Tell me about your favorite scary movies!

Frighteningly yours,

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