I get it. It's gross. It's Tuesday.There's nothing to do, and nobody is happy at work.  Karen's still mad about last week's memo.  Jorge won't shut up about his son being on the honor roll.  The coffee is cold. But you, you want to be positive.  You want to show everyone that life can be good after all.  So, you being the amazing human that you are, you can be a beacon of light to everyone around you.

But it can get to you.  You need a little pick me up every now and then, too. So you can KEEP being that beacon of light that's going to get everyone through the day so you can go home and get out of your "business pants" and into your comfy clothes.  That's what I am here to provide for you today.  Today I am going to show you a video and it will hopefully make you smile for approximately ten minutes and forty four seconds.

Watch this video of cats stealing dog beds.  You deserve it.

Now Go, be free and smile amongst the people.   Make a fresh pot of coffee.  Slip a piece of candy onto Steve's standing desk.  Break out a brand new box of pens at your desk.  You've got this, and you're doing great.  You're welcome, dear reader.

Stealingly yours,


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