You know that they have a national day for everything, but this one might be pretty good! 

Today is International Have Fun at Work Day. So I thought to myself.. well geez, I know I work here and all, but I also have fun a lot at work.  Since I enjoy my job, at least part of it is fun.  And the people I work with are pretty cool, so it's not like we have a lot of days where we're just staring at the wall.

I even remember one time some of the team were playing a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity, but I was knee deep in police reports, so I couldn't join in.  Since it's Friday though, maybe it can translate it something else.  Maybe I'll go through the old prize closets and find a CD from 1993 and put it on someone's desk as a mystery gift. I know I've done silly things like that before.  For a few years, an old sales manager and I used to "hide the gnome" around the stations around Christmas time. Basically I got some garden gnomes as a Secret Santa gift and didn't know what to do with them. So we hid the gnomes around the office and rehid them.  There's still a gnome or two that pops up that didn't get found or re-hidden.


Another time I got some photo cards of my dudes and didn't know what to do with them,  so I hid them all around a sales person's desk.  You know, in files, under the keyboard, on the bulletin board. Nothing obtrusive, but just enough that they'd find them maybe every couple weeks or so.  I haven't asked if the newer sales person at that desk now has found any.

But how do other people have fun at work?

According to, here's what that entails:

Host a boss look-alike contest.
Organize a chili cook-off.
Go office to office singing random songs.
Create a healthy potluck with a variety of fruits and veggies.
Set up a corn hole game in the break room or in any appropriate space.
Celebrate the National Days with National Day Calendar

Do any of those ideas inspire you? Will you try to have fun at work today? What will you do?

Funnily yours,

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