I know a lot of us are gearing up for the big holiday weekend, and that means a lot of fun, but it also means a lot of people around the house if you're having a cookout. 

Your family might be welcoming some people, too.  Not just you and the kids...but your furry members of the family, too. This is my cat, Kitten.  She's also known as "The Manager", for... well, obvious reasons.  Check out this disapproving face.


I can sure you, however, she has a tiny little walnut brain, and does not have a real grasp on the concept of what she should and shouldn't be eating this 4th of July holiday. She just shows up where there's people and hopes for the best.

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Which might be something that's happening at a party you're attending.  Or if you're throwing one! And if you are, well, you probably know to keep your dog away from certain foods.  But you and your guests might not be aware of what to keep the KITTIES away from with your barbecue fun.  And don't feel bad about that, it's something a lot of people don't know!  Let's go over a few.

1.  Chocolate.  38% of cat owners don't know it's bad for cats.

2.  Alcohol, 39%.  Seems like everyone should know that, right?

3.  Coffee, 49% didn't know.

4.  Onions, 56%.

5.  Garlic, 58%.

6.  Raisins and grapes, 60% didn't know cats can't eat them.

7.  Raw chicken, 70% didn't know.

8.  Cheese, 73% didn't know it's bad for them.

9.  Cream, 73%.


Admittedly, I've given my cat cheese... but none of the others.  Basically, all ya gotta do is the same general precautions that you'd' use for you dogs, just extend them a little further to the cats.  And of course, make sure to keep them indoors or leashed if they're going to be around when fireworks are active.

Here's to keeping the furry family members safe this Independence Day!

Cheesily yours,

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