So I get emails every day, often spam, from people who want me to collaborate with them here on the site. 

Usually I just ignore them or file them away for another day.  There's a lady that does a podcast that sounds interesting though, I might have to check that out.  Anyway, usually they get ignored, is my point, because they seem spammy or they just want to promote their product or site or MLM or whatever. Then I got an email the other day about a video that was done on Missouri.

Now it's pretty long, about an hour.   The first twenty minutes or so are a somewhat snarky, not too serious tour of Missouri.  Then it moves into some strange but kinda funny songs about Missouri, and then the last half (the majority of the video) are interviews with people who live in Missouri and about their experiences here. I watched those first twenty minutes or so on double speed and I admit it made me laugh a couple of times.  There were some jokes about Meth, about Rednecks, etc.  But overall, I didn't get the feeling that they were insulting us. I think it was just about...being honest.  And when he was referring to "rednecks", it wasn't dismissive or insulting.  Just, you know, "rednecks shooting fireworks", stated as a fact.

They don't spend too much time dwelling on one portion of the state or another, and move pretty easily from place to place, highlighting the good, but also pointing out the bad.  Sedalia gets mentioned once, for the State Fair, obviously, but some footage of our town is used a couple of times.  You can judge for yourself if it's accurate, but I think for the most part, that first twenty minutes was pretty much spot on.  Our state has sports, crime, art, agriculture, a bad drug problem, tourist traps, and partying on the lake... and they pretty much nailed it, even if it is a little snarky.

What do you think? Do you think they were a little harsh on us, or were they right?

Unboxedly yours,


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