This month (May 22nd) marks the 50 year anniversary of Mr Rogers' Neighborhood.  I think just about every kid that ever lived has seen two shows as they grew up:  Sesame Street and Mister Rogers. I know that people can be a little skeptical or dismissive of this kind of thing, but I've always had a big soft spot for Mr. Rogers. In fact, I thought I'd share a video of him from the early days of fighting for his show.

In the late sixties, the budget was going to be cut dramatically for public television. So, Fred Rogers appeared as himself to speak about his passion for children's television, to personally plea for this kind of educational television.

Whenever I'm feeling down about the state of the world, I sometimes remind myself of that video. He CARED. And you could hear it in his voice, see it in his face,... you just knew you had a friend in Mr Rogers, even though you'd never met him.

Well, that's how I felt about it anyway. What about you?  Did you like Mr Rogers?  Were you more of a Saturday Morning cartoon person?  What do you think about kid's television today?

Neighborly yours,


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