I don't go to the store very often, because I want to keep things kosher, you know. But I did carry some hand sanitizer with me, that kind of stuff.  But I feel like that's not quite enough, and I'd always rather err or on the side of caution.  I heard that wearing a mask is a good idea (I've seen a lot of it on TV, I'm sure you have, too). Some people wear gloves, I've seen that in town, too.

So I thought, well, better get one.  But I couldn't find any for ages.  Yeah, you could probably get one from someone on Facebook but... I don't know about that.  That'd make me have to go to the ATM and it's just a whole 'nother thing.  I ordered one online, but they're massively backed up so it'll be a while before it comes.  I tried to find some in the pharmacy store places, but all I found were bandannas.  I do not trust my knot/tying skills with a bandanna.  I just don't.  I'll probably get my hair tangled up in that mess and that's the last thing I need.

Eventually, I found a couple at Kay's Bridal.  They're the kind that go around your head as opposed to behind your ears.  I'm not giving an endorsement or anything so don't get me wrong. I paid for these two fair and square.

Now, the unavoidable.  I had managed to avoid it, but now the shopping needs to be done.  Nothing crazy, but if I don't get cat litter sometime soon I am fairly sure Husbando will be quietly plotting my murder.  To the store we go.

At first, I wasn't sure I was wearing it right.  I had the top part on my head and the bottom part was a little loose.  So I had to readjust, and it was a little snug (I have a lot of hair, know this). Then as it went into place, it seemed okay.  I went and did my shopping - trying to avoid people, you know.  Clean hands, clean cart, two arms length.

I was amazed to find pretty much everything I needed, but then it's a smaller store so maybe everyone is just convening on the big store? I don't know.  As I was getting my cheese, I started to notice I was feeling a little out of breath.  I found I had to take deliberate, deep breaths.  Do I have it on too tight? Maybe. There was a small struggle of occasional fogs when it came to my glasses, but it was manageable.

Overall, it was okay.  Not great, but at least I felt a little better, if not a little.... what's the word?  Not winded or completely out of breath, but something close to that. I was happy to take it off, definitely.  But the good thing was, Husbando was doing laundry when I got home, so right in the basket it went.

Have you been wearing a mask or gloves out in public? Do you use the re-useable ones or the disposable ones?

Maskingly yours,

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