To me, appliances are not something I give a huge amount of thought to.  Basically it only draws my attention if it doesn't work. 

So when Husbando came into the scene, him being a cook, he let me know that I was working with sub-par equipment.  Well, it's not that it was bad, it was just really really old and very used. You couldn't really use the griddle part, and the inside of the oven heat unevenly.  The front burner worked really well, but it took AGES to get water to boil. If you wanted to do anything on the back burner, it was just to keep something warm. Forget trying to cook something in there.  But I thought, "Oh, well, it works fine. No need to rock the boat..."

Then, tax time came.  I got a decent return. Husbando started making my wheels turn. He even conspired with my father!  So anyway, it happened.  I took the plunge, and I got a new oven.

This thing is so nifty. You can cook more than one thing at once! In fact, you can bake two things in the oven at DIFFERENT TEMPERATURES.  It has little circles on it where you can see that it's heating up, and you can fast boil stuff. It has a special warming one, too! I can't even tell you all the features this thing has, and who knows if I'll even use them all.  But this one was impressive.  It has a feature where you can connect to an app on your phone, and set it to pre-heat so it'll be ready when you come home. Sadly, it doesn't work with my phone because it's not smart enough. I'm probably not smart enough to operate the dang app anyway. I'll get used to it.

Dumbly yours,

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