So I've been noticing a pattern every day when I get home. 

And I will admit, it's slightly annoying.  But she's being RUDE.  What am I talking about? This creature. 


Looks perfectly sweet and innocent, right?  Wrong.  Nowadays, when I get home, she's ready and waiting at the door for me.  Which would be nice, except she's glaring DAGGERS at me as soon as the key turns in the deadbolt.

Why? Because the last time I fed her was when I left for work, and I had the NERVE to be away for a solid eight hours, leaving her without food.  She is surely going to starve at any moment, because she can SEE the bottom of her kibble dish.  There's not enough food in there for her!  She can See. The. Bottom.   That is a quick way to guarantee her to be dying a slow, painful death.

So, she follows me around the house as I do whatever I need to do.  Get the mail?  There she is. Drop my bag off on the hook? There she is.  Double check that I locked the car?  There she is.  And she will stay there, staring, until I put more kibble into the bowl, even a miniscule amount, to ensure that the bottom of the dish cannot be seen anymore.

Then, will she eat said kibble?  No.  She just wants it in there.  She'll see it, approve, and go off to nap.  "Hooman, you are failing in your basic duties.  You are a trash owner and I deserve better."  This is what I'm imagining her saying, anyway, and it seems pretty darn rude to me.   So I know you guys are probably in a similar boat with your pets, so I asked you on our Facebook page about it.  If your pet could talk, what's the rudest thing they'd say to you?

Carol C
Make my damn eggs.
She gets 2 scrambled eggs every morning and she will let me know when I forget. She will wine at me

Oooh, a spoiled princess, eh? I wouldn't know anything about that.

Christe J P
Take these stupid clothes off me! 😂

Tough cookies, you look cute!

Dana M
Oh Cabana Boy! My water bowl needs refreshing.

This is something my cat would say. Only I have circumvented this problem, so she can't. We have a fountain for her water now.

“Woman, why is my food bowl empty”. Then I would have to say “because you let the opossum eat it all”. Lol.

HA! You're caught! It's your own fault, animal! Deal with your own problems, I've already provided the dang food for you!

Anyway, even though they're sassy and a little rude, I know we all love our animals. Maybe they just need a little bit of an attitude adjustment.

Rudely yours,

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