Yesterday was National Pet Memorial Day.

It's a time for people to remember the pets they've had through the years, and enjoy the memories that remain. I thought, why not share our photos and memories together?


This is Banky. He was my first adult kitty, we got him from a farm for free. We thought he was a girl at first, but turns out he had fleas, ear mites, and gender issues. He was such a sweet kitty, and gave the best cuddles and chirps.


This cat is Popeye. She was my Mom's cat as I was growing up. We had her basically from the day I was born until I was about 19. She lived a long, happy life!

Those are just two of my late kitties. We've had fish and other cats, and my parents had dogs before I was born. Why don't you share some of your photos and memories of your pets that have moved on? We'll enjoy their stories together!

Petly yours,

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