When I think of Yoga, I think of hippies and a lot of patchouli.  Not anymore!

So I've been trying a little bit to get in better shape these days. I'm not trying to, you know, become some supermodel or something, just using the treadmill a little and trying to eat better.  So all over my social media and Google searches I keep seeing these crazy fad diets and exercise programs, and I'm just not into that. But then, I saw Rage Yoga.  This sounds awesome! It's basically just drinking and swearing and a lot of yelling out your stress, and that seems completely awesome.

I know there isn't a Rage Yoga thing happening here, but maybe someone should start one! I'm sure Sedalians have a lot of things to holler about, why not just let it all go with a few strangers and a yoga mat?

What do you think? Would you go to a Rage Yoga class?  Or should we just start hollering in our back yards or something?

Ragingly yours,

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