It's Tuesday, and I figured if anybody could use a little giggle here and there, I should do my best to provide it. I like to read while I eat my lunch. It's just a thing with me, has been since I was little. Back then I would read books, now it's on my phone or my computer. I have a few favorite sites I like to visit and read every day, and it gives me a chuckle now and then.  So, here's my reading material, maybe you'll enjoy it, too.

1.  Not Always Right.

This is a website that takes submissions from the public. It's a combination of several different categories of instances where someone was just... in the wrong. Sometimes it's a friend or family member, but most of the time it's people who are working in a retail setting and dealing with customers. Customers who are Not Always Right, get it? I love to read it because I have worked in retail and shopped in retail stores, and sometimes people have been just unbelievable.

not always right

2. F My Life.

This is pure schadenfreude. Basically people submit stories of their lives (very short stories, there's a character limit) where they just couldn't win.

fmy life

3. Lamebook.

You've been on social media, sure. And you've seen some people post things that.... just made you wonder what on earth they were THINKING. And there were other times when you saw something posted and it was just the absolute funniest thing you'd seen all day. Lamebook takes submissions from people on both fronts.


4. Overheard In New York.

You might not have been to New York City, but this site will basically tell you what people are... overheard saying there. There's millions of people in the city, and there are always some interesting characters!


Do you have any websites you visit every day? What are they? Tell me all about what you like in the comments!

Internetly Yours,


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