When I was a kid, the library was a regular hangout.  In fact, I was there often enough that I did a little... library fraud, I guess you'd say. My parents lived in the city limits, and my grandparents lived out in the county. So, I signed up for the Sedalia Public Library card with my parent's address... and the Boonslick Regional Library card with my grandparent's address.  I just really loved books! I wanted to have my pick of both libraries!

Anyway, later in life it turned out that my high school friends did a fair amount of hanging out at the SPL.  Some kids played D&D in the upper level rooms, and some of us hung out in the reading rooms downstairs, and others would just hang out on the steps.  It was convenient also as a meeting spot for our friends who went to Sacred Heart.   I also remember my first internet experience was at the SPL... I didn't understand it at first. I gave up after about thirty seconds. I wouldn't really pick it up until later in college.

In those high school hangout times, I remember sitting in a chair next to a sign that said something to the effect of "please be quiet". I remember getting shusshed sitting right next to that sign, even. Later in life I worked in the school libraries and had a paying job at the CMSU (as it was named then) library. It's a tougher job than you think!

And so, when I saw this, I knew the struggle.


Husbando and I saw this at the grocery store the other day, and it gave me a giggle. If you can't read the wrap, it says, "I'm a Librarian, and I will Shush your ass".  They gotta be tough to keep those readers in line!

Shushingly yours,

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