When we had the ice this past week, I admit, it was kinda cool to look at. But now? Wow.  We are definitely seeing some consequences of all that ice!  At my house, I have two big trees in my front yard.  They definitely are very old, and very tall.  I was sure that the ice would end up weighing down the branches and making something come down. And it did, but nowhere near as bad as what some of you guys are having to deal with!

I drive around town sometimes to kind of, you know, clear my head for these blog posts, so I can think of ideas of what to write about. It seems like everywhere I go, I see piles of branches, limbs, and just destroyed trees everywhere.  Whole trees, just split in half or close to it! Now, I know the city is going to come and get them, so it's not a huge deal, but it's still kind of sad.

I don't know why I feel like that, but it just seems like a shame that these trees lost so many of their branches at once.  I'm not a person who feels a lot for trees, normally, but it just seems like a sad part of winter. I know they won't be there forever, and I know that I'll forget it soon enough, but going around town seeing all the work people had to do to clean up their trees made put  me in a bad mood.

Maybe I should look at this from another perspective.  I had a tree guy come to my house one time to trim some old branches that were going to fall off my trees.  He told me it's good to do some trimming every now and then, and it made the trees healthier in the long run.  Maybe nature just did it for us?  "Hey, it's time everyone. Let's do an early spring cleanup.............with ICE AND WIND!"

Did you have any problems with branches around where you are? Did you have to clean up some stuff from your yard after the storms? Show me some photos!

Branchily yours,


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