I stopped growing when I was about eleven years old. For a glorious year or so, I was the exact height and weight that a normal eleven year old girl should be.  Then, you know, life happened. Like it does.

And now, as an adult, I know I'm working to lose weight. I'm sure a lot of you are, too.  It's a slow process, but it's going.  So as I go along, I'm still finding that I can never find some dang pants that actually fit me.  If I find one that fits around my tummy, it's almost always way too long in the leg department.  It's like they expect me to be taller than I am.  And if I get pants that fit, they're usually really baggy in the leg department.  Like, you can hear me walking, because the pants will brush against each other, they're so baggy.

Side rant: And for crying in a bucket, why can't you just get normal pants anymore? Does everything have to be ripped or buckled or rhinestoned or printed or whatever?  Can I just have a normal pair of freggin pants?! I don't need some crazy design or words on my butt.  I don't want skinny jeans.  I don't want distressed jeans. Just give me a normal set of adult pants, please.

I found one set of pants that fit me, they were a little short (a little above my ankles, but nothing too crazy)... but they were meant to be Capri pants.  For someone much taller than me, apparently.  Still wear those, even though they're a little too big now.

For a while there, I just got dude's jeans because sizing is easier.  But now, I keep trying with the ladies' pants. I found ONE pair (it was on clearance, last one in the store) a few months ago that actually seems to fit around my belly and not too baggy on  my legs, but they're just a scosh too long and they kind of drag by a just enough around my feet.  Of course I could wear higher shoes or something, but come on, let's not be ridiculous.  I'm wearing my sneakers.  Me in any kind of heeled shoe is kind of a mistake.

And for a long time, I was just wearing stuff that didn't fit in general.  I still do that, shirts are almost always too big, pants were way too baggy (baggy enough that if I didn't wear a belt, they'd start to slip down), you get it.  A about a year and a half ago, we went to the special ladies' clothes store (Husbando has a magic way of finding sales), and I was wearing a size 24.  When I found a pair that actually fit closer, it was more like an 18.  And when we went a few months ago (before all this Corona stuff), a more accurate fit was a 16. Said pants:

Rebehka Cramer Moreland
Rebehka Cramer Moreland

See, they're just a teeeny tiny little bit too long  And a little baggy in the leg, but not bad.

I don't like to spend a lot of money on clothes, so most of these pants still are in rotation, even if they don't fit.  I'll just deal with it. It's not like anybody cares about what I look like, as long as I'm, you know, decent.  That's the joy of a radio gig, just wear a polo and jeans and you're set.

Do you have problems finding clothes that actually fit, or am I the freakjob? Do you end up altering your clothes to make them fit better?

Fittingly yours,

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