If there's one thing I enjoy, it's poking fun of Husbando.Now don't get it wrong, he does it to me, too. He is particularly embarrassed sometimes by old photos of him - as we all are.  After all, who didn't have an awkward teenage phase or a silly photo your parents posed you in before you knew what was what?

Well, this photo is by far my favorite of him ever.


That's an ostrich costume. He spent ages working on it, and his mom didn't see that it looked.... off... until he put it on. He didn't know! So there he is running around with this... ahem, thing... and being totally proud of his creation. Even if it does look like... well, you know.

And don't think I don't have plenty of embarrassing photos, too.


Yep, that is me with a feather duster sewn into my corduroys. It was for a school play at Heber Hunt. I was in second grade, and I was playing Henny Penny in the Chicken Little musical. This was prime eighties, by the way, somewhere around 1987. It was a big deal. I rehearsed lines on the porch for WEEKS. My mom carefully destroyed this pair of pants for me to wear the night of so I would look more like a chicken.

There's also somewhere video of me in said musical, squawking out a song about how the king was great. And another video of me in the first grade play where I portrayed a mother who was upset about her child being burned by chemicals or something. It was definitely a... performance. And my teacher put some really dark lipstick on my face, so that was strange, but also I guess my suspender outfit didn't fit right? I say that because apparently I was picking my underwear out of my butt every thirty seconds.  I will pay money for that not to see the light of day, by the way.

So, feel free to share some embarrassing photos of you, your family, or most importantly, your significant other. After all, if you can't embarrass your beloved, who can you embarrass?

Featheringly yours,


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