I think you know what I mean when I say that, right? You're cruising along in the car, listening to some bomb song.  Then there just comes... that part.  The part that really gets you, that points right at you and says "LOUDER." It's probably only about ten to fifteen seconds, but it's a universal truth.  Anyway, here's my songs that require that boost.  No particular order of awesomeness, though.

1.  Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody.

You know it, I know it, we all know it.  When it gets to 4:07, you gotta crank it up.  For people of my generation, it's the "headbanging part of Wayne's World".  Sometimes it stays up for the rest of the song, sometimes it comes back down when the piano part comes back.  But you know it goes up for at least that bit.

2.  Cage The Elephant - Cold Cold Cold.

When that distorted guitar solo comes on, the volume goes up and stays up til the end of the song, every time.

3. The Beatles -  I'm So Tired.

This one might be just me, but that last thirty seconds or so HAVE to go up.  Particularly when John sings that he's going insane. When Ringo's drums kick in, you know it's getting serious. It's such a short song, but it's like.. it doesn't need to be any longer. It accomplished exactly what it was supposed to do in a little over two minutes. Done.

4.  Fleetwood Mac - The Chain.

This whole song is amazing, don't get me wrong.  But when John Entwistle's bass solo starts, the volume goes up for me.  And if it didn't start there, it definitely does when Lindsay Buckingham's guitar comes in. For you younger kids, it's one of the big parts of the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer. There's just something about it that compels me. And you know everyone is in love with Stevie Nicks, right? It's kinda required.

5.  BTS - Euphoria.

I KNOW, okay, I know. But I keep going on about them because they're amazing. This doesn't even have a real video of the full song that's official, so that's why you get a lyric video. Well, most of the song does have a big part in one of the videos, but there's a lot of plot, it's not the full song, and the best part isn't even in it. So here, for me, it's about 3:05, when Jungkook builds up to his high note.  And you gotta believe me, it was absolutely insane when he hit that high note on the dang zip line, probably a hundred feet in the air over sixty thousand people... like it was nothing.

Anyway, what are some of your favorite "crank em up" songs? Is there a certain part that you have to turn up?

Musically yours,


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