I don't have a dog, but you know how it is.  You always want what you can't have. 

I was doing some lunch break shopping the other day here in town when I spotted this absolutely wonderful sight.


I'm not that great a photographer, but that is not just ONE pup, but THREE adorable little fluffs.  Their Mom was doing some recycling a few feet away.  They were so excited to see me! They sang and barked and tails were wagging everywhere.  They were so cute, it was just heartwarming. They looked like they were having a ball.  I couldn't stay and pet too much because I had milk in my car (and I only get an hour lunch break, just like anybody else), but I certainly enjoyed the time we had together.

So thank you, random goobers, for making my day.  I hope you got an extra little treat when you got home after your Mom's errands.  One day, I will have a dog.  One day.  And I hope that when that day comes, my little nugget will be as happy to see me as you guys were.  I'll have to wait, though, until I don't have three cats in my house.  That's just too many animals for me.  A girl can dream, though. Someday.... my mutt will come.

Doggoingly yours,

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