Guys, I don't know about you, but I kinda put myself on the back burner quite a bit over the last few years. I've always done it in one way or another, though. I didn't even notice I was doing it. I was just doing things and buying things and taking care of everyone else, and letting my own health go by the wayside.

Well, some things have gotten shaken up in my world over the last six months or so.  And I had a bit of an epiphany. A small grade epiphany. I should definitely be taking better care of myself - it's not like anyone else is going to do it.

So I decided to get off my proverbial butt and just do it.  I cut back on some vices of mine, decided to start eating better, got some long procrastinated dental work done, started exercising more, drinking a ton more water, etc.   And so far, so good! I've been sleeping better (no sleepwalking), I've lost weight, and I've started to actually spend little bits of money on me instead of others.

Not huge amounts of money (I'm still me, after all, it's not like I'm rollin in it, lol).  The most I spend is maybe a little on some albums I want or to get my nails fixed (they break all the time if I don't, for some reason), never more than maybe sixty dollars at a time. I've colored my hair, I've upgraded my clothes, and well, what's next? One thing that doctor told me I could try is taking a bit better care of my skin.

I have something called Rosacea.  Basically it means my cheeks are red a lot of the time. Like, everyone thinks I'm sunburned if I'm just hanging out on a random Tuesday.  But, with my change in diet and my health kick, I've decided to see if there's something I could do to help it.

So I went to the local drug store and the local....what is it.  Makeup store?  I don't know what you'd call it.  It rhymes with Me-sore-a (or like, my wallet is sore-ah if I don't watch myself in there).  And the nice lady there recommended a few things for me to try.


I'll admit, I was overwhelmed.  It's like, so much to take in.  I definitely need help, I didn't know the first thing about any of it.  But she told me all about it at the speed I needed (Think Third Grader), and showed me physically how to do it, and so I decided to give it a go.

Now obviously I don't use these all the time.  And some of em I'm saving.  But I've been using a little face mask every week, and using the anti redness night stuff, and whatnot, and I'll be dangnabbed if it isn't working.   I mean, I doubt anybody would really notice 'cos it's not like they're staring at my face, but I do. I'm nowhere near as red on the daily, and it's only been maybe a week or two that I've been actively trying this stuff.  I realize it might not be a forever cure, but just like, you know, a daily treatment. But it's a little boost that makes me feel better, anyway.

And hopefully nobody will ask me how sunburned I am again after being inside all day.

Make sure you do try to put yourself in the front seat of life, sometimes.  It's not impossible, and it can feel good to do so!

Caringly yours,

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