Sometimes people try so hard to be nice, and it comes out wrong. I was talking to a friend on the computer the other day when he told me about his recent trip to the doctor. When he went to the urologist for his vasectomy consult, the doc did his exam and then looked at him and said "You know, you've got really great veins for this procedure."

Um, thank you? What on Earth?! I get a few unusual comments here and there, and its usually about how I sound versus how I look. Some people will say things like, "I pictured you much taller" or "You've got a much nicer on air voice than in person" and I wonder what the heck is going on here. I mean, it's a compliment, but it's a strange one, isn't it? It's not really negging, per se, but it does feel a little like a backhanded compliment.

Just like my friend with his doctor, another friend got complimented at the dentist. Her dentist told her she had the best gum placement he'd ever seen. Whaaaat? We've sometimes gotten complimented on something that was just... weird. There's even a website that compiles some strange compliments on Tumblr.

What are some of the strangest sideways compliments you've gotten over the years?

Complimentarily yours,

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