Okay.  So I admit, I am largely to blame for  my situation. Some of it is my fault, but some of it isn't (dental insurance, anyone?).  I didn't go to the dentist for years and years, until this past year.  I finally found a dentist, got the appointment, and so far it's going okay. I mean, yeah, it sucks to have someone's fingers in your mouth for a half an hour or so, but.  I've gotten Really Good at focusing on a certain little portion of the ceiling while this is happening.

At first, it was a two appointment deep cleaning.  After that, I felt much better.  My gums had always bled a little when I brushed my teeth.  For a long time I thought I just was brushing too hard. After that? Never again! It was amazing. I always brushed twice a day, but then I started using those picker type dental floss things, because the dentist did say flossing needs to become a thing with me now. So a thing, it became.

So I did that, and went back for  my checkup.  Apparently, due to my years of not going to the dentist, I created some kind of pockets around my gums?  So bacteria gets in there? I don't know. I'm not a...tooth person. I understood it at the time, but... my brain can only accept so much, you know? And the lyrics to "Return of the Mack" just aren't going to leave my brain to make room for knowledge about how gums work.  The takeaway was that the nice lady said, get a water pik, and use it instead of flossing, cos you gotta get that gunk outta there.


Make me be all "healthy" and stuff.  I ordered a two in one electric toothbrush/water pik thing online.  Dentist 1 had told me to switch to an electric toothbrush instead of a manual, so I was using a different head on Husbando's, but now that I had to have this other thing, might as well get my own.

It's pretty simple to use. You just plug the hose thing in the back, put the other end in a cup of water, and push the button.  Then you just... use it? It says to move it vertically.  At first, it was a little bit of a challenge, because I couldn't figure out why the water wasn't coming out.  Then I realized that the directions said it might not come out easily the first time you use it.  You have to suck on it.  And then, I was assaulted with water. I nearly choked, but my near death experience is neither here nor there.

Husbando has only made fun of me maybe seven times about this dang thing.  First of all, he laughed because I was so surprised.  Then I got overwhelmed and took it out, getting water all over the mirror, which was apparently the most hilarious thing he'd heard all week.  I also didn't realize you're supposed to use it over the sink and let the water fall out of your mouth. I was swallowing the water every time I was using it. That was also, apparently, mind blowingly funny.

But I'm learning! Sure, it's probably something I should have learned twenty years ago, but I'm learning! And now, every morning as I stand in front of the sink, bleary eyed and half asleep, I think to myself, "Do I really have to use the dang water pik or can I just brush today?"

And then I make myself use it. But now I don't swallow the water or get water all over the mirror.  Well.  At least not every time.

Do you have to use a water pik or some kind of special toothbrush set up?  How do you deal with it?

Pickingly yours,

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