Most of the time when I get a question at work, it's pretty specific.

It's either someone asking me on the phone if I know when a certain event is, or if school is cancelled (if its that time of year for snow), or if I can tell them how much commercials cost.  Sometimes I get asked how much rain we got, who sang that song, can they put the Spanish Hour back on KSIS, etc. So I thought to myself, I've been doing this for a few years now.  But the questions I get now are pretty much just different variations of the questions I got ten years ago.  And I bet all over the whole area, people get asked all sorts of  questions repeatedly at their workplaces.  SO, I decided to ask ya'll on our Facebook page.  And some of the answers were pretty dang funny, actually.

First off, we had a couple of full time Moms.

Wendi B
Mom can we have a snack?

Janie A
Can we go to McDonald's?

I'm guessing the answer is maybe and no, respectively.  I've got some follow up questions. Did you eat all your lunch? Did you clean your room?

Yvette A
Is it fish day?

I don't know, is it? I mean, every day COULD be fish day. Now if you're working in a restaurant or something, sure. If you're working in a car dealership.... no.

Peter B
Can you fix my home computer ?

Hopefully Pete works in some kind of repair shop.   If he works at like, a hair salon, that conversation is going to be awkward.

Merissa Raney B
What's the soup of the day?

It's alphabet soup so I can spell out I. Don't. Know.

George H
Got your tag?

I could not for the life of me suss out where George works. There are so many things that can be called tags. Dog tags, animal hunting tags, license plate tags, price tags.... it's a mystery.

Tammy L
Do you buy used books?

I'm thinking maybe Tammy works for a library. I'm gonna guess the answer is no.  I bet they take donations sometimes, though.

Gene W
Is this bread fresh?

Apparently the answer is yes, according to Gene.

Yes I made it before you got up!!!!!!

Let's just trust him on this one.  After all, if it wasn't, wouldn't he mark it as "day old" or something?

Jim S

Are you going to do any work today

Just tell em no, Jim.

What kind of questions do you get at work? What's your favorite question you've ever gotten?

Curiously yours,

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