We here at the stations are an office just like any other office out there. I'm sure a lot of you have a break room, or at least a little area where you can put up a coffee machine. A lot of people rely on coffee to make the morning manageable. I know my boss has a long standing feud with caffeine, sometimes he's trying to quit drinking it, but then sometimes he gets stressed and just has to cave in.

I've never really been dependent on caffeine, and I can take or leave a cup of coffee in the morning. You'd think for someone who gets up so early I'd want it, but nah. I'm good.  Husbando cannot live without SOMETHING caffeinated during the day though, or he gets headaches.  So I'm sure you understand that the coffee machine is a central figure in the mornings for a lot of people.

We have a lovely machine in our break room, and I was instructed to be sure to use only the filtered water in the pot when making coffee. Apparently the tap water will make the coffee machine clog up. I guess we have a strange situation with that. Anyway, somebody didn't follow that rule. There was a small email sent around about it, and things escalated.


So things got a little snarky, because nobody can be too serious around here.


Yeah..... you gotta put the right water in, people. People take their coffee seriously.

Caffeinatedly yours,

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