Folks, I've got a pretty good gig now.  It's pretty sweet. Yeah, I get up insanely early, and some parts of it are kind of hard (like blogging, believe it or not), but overall, it's pretty good.  That's mostly why I've stayed for so long, really. In some ways, I'm not really qualified to do anything else.  I bet you could teach me, but this is where I'm supposed to be.

Watch me get fired tomorrow.

Just kidding (I hope....)!  Anyway, in college, I had a variety of different part time gigs.  I worked in a laundromat, a library, a video store, you name it, I probably worked there.  The worst job I ever had, though, was with a home health company.

What I did was, I was assigned to go around to different houses of people in varying stages of need.  Some people were elderly, some people were disabled, it was a variety of different things.  You would go over for a set amount of time, do whatever they needed you to do, they'd sign the paper and you'd be on your merry way.  For someone in college who needed a part time gig, the hours were pretty okay.  The clients, for the most part, were sweet.

No, what made it the worst gig was the company itself.  I won't name them, there are several different ones in town and the surrounding areas.  I don't want anybody to get mad at me.  And who knows, things may have changed now, since we were working on landline phones and paperwork back then. Think late nineties, before everyone had a cell phone. Technology really has made things a lot easier, I'd imagine.

It wasn't the gig that was so bad, I didn't mind going to people's houses and doing their dishes or making them some lunch or doing their shopping for them.  That was fine.  What sucked what the lack of organization.  That's why I say it may have changed, and it probably has a lot in twenty years.

You were supposed to wear a t-shirt to the client's houses that had the company logo on it. I never got one.  You were supposed to wear a name tag with the company logo on it. I never got one.  So when the random inspector came by to see if I was doing what I was supposed to be doing, I told them yet again that I wasn't in company attire because the company had never provided me with it.  "Oh, I'll get that to you."  I worked there for at least two years.  Never got one.  You see what I mean?

Same company called me to try to find a girl I trained with.  I didn't know that girl. I had spent like, two days watching videos in the same room as her.  They kept insisting that she come to the phone. I'm like, seriously guy, I ain't her. I don't know her. I'm the other employee you have.  This is my phone number.  I swear, it took a good five minutes for me to convince this person that I was not my co worker, I did not live with her, I didn't know anything about her.  It was like they could not fathom that they had the wrong number.

Another time I was going to a sweet little old lady's house once a week for an hour.  She didn't need much, she mainly wanted someone to vacuum and chat with her.  Which was, of course, fine.  I did that for about three months.  Then, I get a random call from the company asking me why I was still visiting this woman. I said, well, I'm scheduled to see her.  It's my assignment.  "No, that assignment ended a month ago."  They never bothered to tell ME, of course.  The little old lady knew, but she thought I was coming over out of the kindness of my heart, since we talked about half the time I was there. And did they pay me for those four hours? Of course not!

So finally, I had had enough.  I told them I was going to send them back their folder and paperwork.  I was done.  And of course... they asked me for my t-shirt.

The one I never got. 

And those are only a FEW stories of what went on with that crazy office.

What's the worst job you ever had? What made it so bad? Was it the boss, the people, the gig itself?

Workingly yours,


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