We've had some pretty bad storms over the last few days, and I see a ton of tree damage all over town. But... trailer damage? Really?


We have a little trailer we use on our station truck on occasion.  Mostly we just use it to take our golf cart with us to the Missouri State Fair.  Sure, it's not that heavy, but, it's not super light either.  And the wind blew it easily... twenty feet? 


That's where it normally sits, right next to the shed.  But no, now it's in a ditch.  I dread the thought of who is going to be asked to get the trailer OUT of said ditch.   I know I don't want to do it, it's muddy as all get out.  I guess maybe a couple of us could drag it out of there, but should we even bother until the storms pass? It might just get pushed in there all over again.

Did you get any strange occurrences due to the storms? Did stuff move or break?  Any damages?  Tell me all about em!

Traileringly yours,

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