So I was doing my thing, entertaining myself as one is wont to do. 

I sometimes talk about houses for sale here in Sedalia - either the smallest one, or the dream house, the most expensive, etc.  Well, this time I found a historic house for sale right here in Sedalia. I first saw it on Facebook, and then went to check it out properly on Zillow.

This house, you guys. You've probably seen it thousands of times, just like I have, when you're driving down Broadway.  And sometimes when you're driving at night and the lights are on, maybe you take just a TEENSY peek to look in the windows.

Don't judge.  We all do it.

So anyway this house was built way back in 1891.  And you can see that they've kept true to vibes back then in a few rooms, but they've modernized in other ways. Overall, it is Breathtakingly Beautiful, you guys.  So I was tooling around the pics, daydreaming about living in it when I got to.... the Room.  Now don't get me wrong, it's a great room.  But... there's like, an issue.  And an long unused fish tank.  Just goes to show you that we all have our quirks, we all have our different tastes, and sometimes that shows through! Anyway, check it out for yourself so you can picture the way you'd live there.

Historic Home In Sedalia

Historically yours,

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