I have a love and hate relationship with the internet because of things like this. 

I was doing my due diligent research for the post I did this morning about the Screaming Lady of Green Road (if you didn't read that, you could, if you wanted).  I was deep into some big time Googling when I came across a website called Rndmths. Being the curious researcher I am, I clicked. I found this.


Okay, looks like a huge archive of something, organized by what looks like years and months.


Sure.  I'll just pick a day.


WHAT IN THE SAMSCRATCH IS THIS?  Is this... some kind of NSA stuff? Is someone spying on our text messages and archiving it in the internet? It goes back EIGHTEEN YEARS?  Is this for real? I copied and pasted some of the names, and the numbers/areas that are listed with each "thought" don't match up. The area codes don't go with the places people seem to be from. The towns kind of don't jibe up either. Some of them are real, but suburbs or neighborhoods of other towns. Some of them are real town names.  Small town names. Curiouser and Curiouser.

So what is this? Is it a generator of some kind? It doesn't seem like it's really the texts of these people or something, because, well, there are no typos.  People make mistakes in texts every day. Every text, for me. And it's all so... formal.  No "What's uuuuuup?@>@@>@"  It seems so......not human.  That's what gives me my theory - that it's not a human hacker, but a program to generate random statements, with random names it finds, and numbers. It makes me think it might be some kind of generator, like it's not human.  Like it's a program.  But....WHY?! What on earth is this thing doing, and what is it going to be used for? This is so weird!

What do you guys think? What is this thing, and what's its purpose?  I'll be over here with my tin foil hat on.

Conspiritorily yours,

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