We're naturally cook at home people, so it's always a good idea to try to find something new to try. 

However, I have been trying to limit my trips to the store (I think the recommendation is once every two weeks?) .  So I've been trying to find some stuff we can make with ingredients we already have around the house so I'm not popping into the store on the way home like I normally would.

I found this recipe from a website called Damn Delicious. It's a lady named Chungah who apparently really likes Corgis and cooking. Cute! I am not to be trusted to come up with my own recipes, so maybe check her out. So I'm in! Let's give it a whirl and see how it goes down in the Moreland household.

Our pantry is pretty okay when it comes to ingredients you might need for various easy dinners.


Am I the only one that keeps brown sugar in a plastic bag?  I don't know.

I was thinking ahead so I made sure to get the right protein, beef stew meat, out of the freezer and let it thaw and all. It's only about a pound and a half, so not a huge portion, but enough definitely for leftovers.  Now, they're ready to.... meet.


I'll see myself out.


Alright, my bebehs.  We shall meet again when you're done.  Then I just put the lid on the slow cooker and left it all afternoon.

I know that you gotta have rice with something like this, check.


But I think I also wanna break out another freezer find.  These might go nice with this!


But now,.... we wait.

Fast forward five hours! It's time for dinner!


Looks good, huh!  The rice took a little time but you just put it in a pot and leave it, the pot-stickers were easy,too.


And.... he likes it!  So overall, a simple, easy and delicious dinner idea.


It took a little time to let the slow cooker do its thing, but well worth it. What do you think? Would you give something like this a try? What are some of your "use what you've got" recipes you've been using at home?

Cookingly yours,


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