Well, the title of this blog is very specific, isn't it. 

In our house lives three people and four animals.  Me, Husbando, and my Dad are the humans.  We have the capability to wash and dry clothing items in my kitchen.  It's pretty amazing, right? Right.

But that  means nothing to my father.

Without fail, every time he wants to clean his sheets or his clothes, he will wash them in his washing machine downstairs, but then will dry them on the fence outside.  And he has a little jerry rigged clothesline, too.  I've offered to get him a real clothesline (we actually used to have one in the backyard ages ago) but he says he doesn't want one. He says likes the way the sun air dries them better than using a dryer.  But what about the wintertime? I guess he's just hanging his clothes in his room? I guess that's a thing.

I respect it, but it's not for me.  But then, I was driving, doing some errands on my lunch break and I started to see them. Clotheslines.  People all over town in at  least five different yards were hanging out clothes and towels and stuff to dry! It seems like such an old fashioned concept, but it's more popular than I thought!

I don't think I could do it, though. I mean, I'm sure it's fine.  Maybe it's because I don't use fabric softener in the washer, but rather use the sheets in the dryer.  And you know I gotta have my fabric softener.

So is there any other benefit to putting your clothes out on the line as opposed to drying them in a dryer? I guess it's better for your electricity bill.  Maybe for the environment, too? I don't know.

Do you or anybody you know still put clothes out on the line to dry? Why do you/they do it? Are there certain things you will put out, and some you dry inside?

Laundrily yours,


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