At some point, we ALL turn into Danny Glover from "Lethal Weapon" . . . something happens that makes us say, "I'm too old for this crap."  Yes, I said "crap."  Because I'm classy. 

There was a discussion on about the things that make people say, "I'm too old for this crap."  Here are some of my favorites.


1.  Sleeping on something other than a bed, like a futon or a floor.

2.  Drinking bad coffee.

3.  Not having any money in savings.

4.  Waiting more than 20 minutes for a table at a restaurant.

5.  Cheap alcohol, unless it's by choice . . . like you really WANT a Miller High Life.

6.  Staying someplace longer than you want.

7.  Splitting a check by itemizing it.  Seriously, just divide it in half.

8.  All day . . . or all weekend . . . music festivals.

9.  Requesting new Facebook friends.

10.  Going to clubs.

I am so, so old, you guys.  I am not going to be subscribing to any of these anytime soon. I do not have the time nor the patience for any of that malarkey.

What about you?  What's something that makes you say, "Nope, I'm too old for that crap!"

Curmudgeonly yours,

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