Today  I'm asking you guys about something we all have near and dear to our hearts in different ways : cartoons.We all grew up with different ones, whether it was the Hanna Barbera cartoons or the cheap Hasboro ones, or if it was something out of the movies.  For me, I had it all, and I loved it all, but Looney Tunes took my heart and kept it.  My favorite in particular is Daffy Duck - and I'll show you why.  Well, you can only see a bit of it online.

"Duck Amuck" may be one of the most absurd, ridiculous, and experimental cartoons ever made.  It's been done a few times - with Bugs, for example - but it never worked as brilliantly as it did with Daffy's frustration.  And this is a perfect example of an audience who agrees with the protagonist - knows he's right... yet eggs on his antagonist., all the while having NO IDEA who the antagonist is.

Sorry, I can't find the full one online.  You've probably seen that one, or a variant of it, before. But this one, this one is perfect. This is masterpiece of character, writing, and story. "Rabbit Seasoning" is, in my opinion, one of the best cartoons ever made. Daffy and Bugs can get laugh with just the twitch of an eyebrow, because their relationship is so perfectly balanced, so perfectly antagonistic, and yet united in the face of a common scourge. Daffy's flustered, useless rage against Bugs and his endless cool is the perfect fodder for never ending conflict. One wrong word, one turned phrase, and everything becomes something else.  The dialogue is so sharp, the animation is so perfect... I could go on. And, I do that thing Bugs does at 1:16 on the regular. 

ANYWAY. So I like Daffy. Tell me about your favorite cartoon character of all time and we'll talk about your answers on the air. Do you like modern cartoons? What was your era when you were a kid?

Daffily yours,



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