When I was in school, I was in Orchestra. But a lot of my friends were in band. It was a bit of a competition, actually. Orchestra vs Symphonic Band, Concert Band vs Jazz Band, Marching Band vs Choir. And then, there were the competitions all around the state between all the other bands.  It was always so fun to see the different halftime shows that each school would come up with. And the creativity! Such hard work was put into each show. I didn't march, but I did help them my senior year with a big flag or something. I forget the details. There were a few of us kids who helped out the High Voltage dancers.

So anyway, I thought we'd open it up to you guys now that we're in prime marching band season: Who's your favorite marching band?  Comment below and we'll narrow down the top ten, and vote again for the very best!

It's time to crow for your favorites, guys - let's see who has the most loyal fans!

Marchingly yours,

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