First of all, I am not a crazy cat lady. But we do have cats, the girls love them. Technically, I have a cat, Husbando has a cat, and we have a cat that belongs to a friend of mine.  I try my best to give them the best care possible.  We trim nails, we brush them regularly, we do flea prevention, we play and keep them active, and we feed them well.

Well, I mean, we try not to overdo it. They get a special kibble every day (because apparently it helps to prevent urinary issues? I don't know. That's what the vet said to do) and I give them one third of a can of wet food every week. It was pointed out to me by my loving Husbando that I have trained them, through song, to know when it's time for the wet food. Turns out I've been just singing to them every week and they're responding.

Forgive my horrible videography and my dirty house. I need to repaint the woodwork, too. ANYWAY. The point is, I sing, they come with me to the kitchen. Trained!

Now if I could train them to stay off the dining room table.....

Singingly yours,

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