It's time again for us to recognize the local people here in West Central Missouri that are doing some good in our neighborhoods. 

Today's nomination comes from Warrensburg.  His name is Peter Zwally, and he's the Post Commander over at the American Legion in Warrensburg.  He was nominated by his daughter in law Carrie.  Here's what his daughter in law said:

Peter is extraordinary in his volunteerism within his community. He is an amazing role model to his grandchild as well as many others. Peter currently serves as Post Commander of American Legion post 131 in Warrensburg, in which he spends countless hours volunteering his time on Honor Guard details at military funerals, dinners, bingo, and whatever else is called upon. As a veteran himself, lieutenant colonel (retired) Peter Zwally has dedicated his life to our great nation, through his selfless service in the US Air Force,  and continues to do so do this day by supporting our nation's veterans.

Peter is very active when it comes to honoring veterans.  He said that he attends several events every week, with he and his team covering about ninety different occasions.  That's definitely kept him busy, if his two little grandchildren didn't!  Peter finally retired after thirty two years in the service.  You can listen to our news guy Randy Kirby interview him here:

Peter was quick to make sure we knew he wasn't the only one volunteering, and was very grateful to his daughter in law for her nomination.  Just goes to show ya, the true humble heart of a volunteer.

You can nominate your Unsung Hero here. Congratulations to Peter and his family, and thank you from all of us here in Sedalia!

Nominatingly yours,

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