I don't know about you, but I like a good creepy story. I'm not saying I believe in ghosts or ghouls or even strange creatures out there, but it's fun to pretend.  Well, at least for me.  You might believe in it and think I'm crazy.  Anyway, I was doing my thing on the internet (read: YouTube again) and I just kind of went into one rabbit hole after another.  One video led to another video, that led to another before I had to stop myself.

This one is kind of funny to me, it's a news report from last year from a St Louis tv station.  Apparently someone was just putting dolls all around the towns of Festus and Crystal City.

I also enjoyed the fruit pun towards the end.  Oh, and the identifier!  "Logan Galczynski: Creeped Out By Dolls".  This seems like something someone in Sedalia would do.  You remember when the red balloons came out and when we saw some creepy clowns?

This one has a set of Ghosthunters walking around at night in Avilla.  They don't find much, but there is a creepy graveyard.

Now this one, I admit made me jump. It more of a startled jump, but it was still a jump.

Favorite part of this video:  Dennis.  He seems like everybody's Grandpa around here.  Hat, overalls but no shirt, movin a little slow.  I think it's more likely that they staged this, or that there might have been a  druggie in there than anything else.  Most likely somebody's cousin.   But it was fun!

Now this one... this was interesting.

First of all, why do they look like they just stepped out of 1975.  Seriously.  The hair, the outfits, so strangely retro.  And then they find the noose type thing?  No thank you. I had enough bad experiences at Church Camp, thanks.

Ths one is kind of.... well, to be honest it just feels unsafe.  It feels like if I watched this video again, I'd have to get a tetnus booster.

Super weird details that stayed through the years.  Like that celery seed? That seriously looks like it's been there since the seventies.  And yeah... that's a lot of green.

Do you like to look at creepy YouTube videos, or is it just me? Did you realise we had quite this much creep in Missouri?  Or is there MORE that I don't know about?

Creepily yours,


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