Every day I reach out to you guys and ask a question about something - usually the topic varies pretty greatly.  Whatever the topic, usually our listeners are not shy about sharing their opinions, as well as their funny insights. On Monday, I asked you guys about what your essential cooler items are this time of year. Everybody's geared up and ready for the summer, and getting out on the water or out on the deck requires a great cooler.  Ya'll definitely had some great ideas!

I freeze Bailey's margarita pouches solid and by the time we get where we're going, they're slushy!!!  YUM!!!

NOW THAT I had never thought of. What a great idea! For the adults, of course.

Smirnoff Ice Original. Redd's Apple Ale, Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke. And you always have to have a great bottle of Vodka, cooler isn't complete without it. Lots and lots of ice and those needed lemons and limes.

Aaah, yes, the lemons and limes. Got to have those, you know!

On Tuesday, I asked you guys about a new survey I read that asked people what they would do if they had an extra hour every day.   While the standard answers are spend time with family, pursue a hobby, or something like that, our listeners had a different spin.

My husband would say.....organize another closet.

Hey now, you can never be too organized. Gotta be able to find those galoshes...or whatever it is people keep in their closets.

Probably fritter it away!

Now this is a person after my own heart. I think we could all use a bit more goof off time than we get.  And heck, that includes nap time too, right?

I would spend it with my Grandchildren, they grow too fast and they are so very special. I have 7 (5 boys and 2 girls) and I have always said they are my reward for not killing my children (3 daughters) when they were growing up. But I do keep in mind that your children pick your nursing home, it is a double edge sword.

You are quite possibly the funniest Grandmother I've ever encountered. You're tellin some real truths there, though!

I would spend an hour by myself doing whatever I wanted. No interruptions.

You know, I think we all spend a little too much time worrying about everyone else. It would be good for the soul to get a little alone time in there.

On Wednesday, I asked about your pets or the animals in your life.  Sometimes I wish I could talk to the neighborhood dogs and ask them why they bark, or ask my cat why she does the stupid stuff I keep trying to get her NOT to do.  If you could speak to a pet or animal and be understood, what would you say?

What is your obsession with chewing up cloths and toilet paper all over the house? Do you really like your food? How can we make things better for you? How do you always know how to make me feel better?

Awwwwwwwww. That's just sweet. I like the concern for your pet! And, I gotta admit, I'd wanna know the answer to the toilet paper question, too.

Thank you for your unconditional love, there are days this is so greatly appreciated. And do I really look good in this outfit?

I'm sure your pet will love you even when you're looking your shabbiest. And I'm sure you look GREAT in that outfit.

On Thursday, I saw a story about the new Oreo flavor: Limeade.  So I had to ask you guys in a poll, what your favorite kind of Oreo was!  This one was a bit contentious.  It seemed like there was no clear winner - have a look at the super fancy pie chart of results.


I guess it's hard to choose when there are so many options - I don't even think there's a clear winner. The leaders were the original, double stuffed, and chocolate mint but in the end the Original Oreo was the winner.  Either way, I think we can all agree that Limeade Oreos are a terrible, terrible idea. I think you guys have better ideas than Nabisco anyway.

ALTHOUGH, I guess some of you do have a point, I shouldn't judge it until I've tried it.

I think limeade will be a refreshing summer cookie!

I love to read your answers to all of these different questions. Just because we're done for this week, don't think you still can't get the points! Join me again next week for our next round of Enquiring Minds, and weigh in with your opinions.  You can either fill out a survey, comment on a post, or comment on our Facebook. Fill out any or all of our polls and surveys and you could get some more points for great prizes, like our 100 Days of Iron Giveaway.

Questioningly yours,

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