Okay, so I don't like waiting in lines either. I get it.  But you don't need to be that guy.

So the other day, I had to stop by my local pharmacy to pick up a few things for Husbando and I.  There were about three cars in front of me and I thought, "Well, okay, better resign myself to being here for a minute." Sure, I miss the days when you could just pull up and there was never anybody there, but those days are no more.  You can't go in anymore, that's just the way it is.  They have a lot of people they serve, and the risk is WAY too high to let them be in contact with all of them.  I get it, totally.

I put on my music and settle in.  It'll probably be what, three songs?  No huge chunk out of my life. Then, a dude in what I can only describe as a 70's truck pulls up behind me.  I'm halfway through the first verse of Taemin's "Criminal" and this dude is just sitting there, for now.  Now, as we get to the end of the song (about three minutes, mind you).  I see movement in the mirror behind me. He's throwing his arms up in the air.  Saying something I can't hear.  I guess he's in a rush? I get that too.  Maybe you're on your lunch break, maybe you've got an appointment, maybe you're just impatient.

What happens next is, to me, a very VERY funny set of events.  I'll try to describe it.  70's truck guy decides he doesn't have time for this.  He gestures to the car behind him that he wants to get out of line. Actually points at his watch.  Who does that?  What is this, a cartoon from the forties? Now if you know Plaza Pharmacy, you know that right next door is the eye doctor.  Sometimes they have patients park there.  70's truck is lucky, the car behind him doesn't have anyone behind them, so they can back up so he can leave.  He starts to leave. It takes him a good half of the next song (Twice's "Can't Stop Me" if you were curious) to do his turn around.  I see a lot of him saying stuff, but I can't hear him, so I bet he's cursing at the truck turn around gods. He starts to pull around, but gets stuck because there's a car parked at the eye doctor, and I can't move because there's someone in front of me.  The car behind him can't move, because there's someone behind her now. SO.... he has to wait until I can pull forward.  Which is the other half of the song.  Cue more hand raising, what looks to be a heavy sigh and a "What can you do?" look from me.

He had waited three minutes, and that was too long.  Then he had to wait another four to get OUT of the parking lot.  The line moves, he's gone. Literally three and half minutes later, I'm through the line and gone. Dude, I get that you've got stuff to do. I really do. And I'm not a super patient person.  I've been annoyed at the line before when I saw a lady showing pictures of her dog to the clerk at the window.  But I still waited. The pandemic has changed things, possibly forever.  I think Karma was trying to teach you a little patience.  When I left, there were another six cars in line, it nearly was at the street.  If he was gonna come back... he was coming back to a LONGER LINE.

I get you have stuff to do, but... come on, guy.  They're trying their best. They don't take that long to get you your stuff.  It's going to be a rare occasion that you're going to pull up and there won't be a line.  Plan accordingly, my dude.

Patiently yours,


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