It's time to recognize our latest do gooder here in West Central Missouri, our Unsung Hero. This one is actually a little close to home!  Justin Hubbs is our Unsung Hero, and he's around here in the stations as the color commentary on our Smith Cotton Football game broadcasts! Here's what his nominator, Sue, said about Justin.

Justin is always there to help anyone that needs help.  He's on the State Fair board, and the Boys and Girls Club. He helps at the High School with announcing the football games.  Always helping without pay or getting credit.

That sounds like Justin!  He is probably best known for his worth with Big Iron Realty, but he's worked with State Fair Community College on the board of trustees since 2016.  Now what is that? The six elected members of the Board of Trustees develop policies necessary for the governance of State Fair Community College’s educational and administrative responsibilities. The board delegates to the president the responsibility of implementing all policies and appraises the effectiveness of policy implementation through evaluation of school operations, practices and program outcomes.  Basically getting stuff done and holding the implementation accountable.

He's also a board member at the Boys and Girls Club, and has been for just about as long as he has worked with State Fair Community College.  He's been working behind the scenes there and directly with the kids and has been recognized as a Board Member of the Month. Anyway, he had conversation with our very own Randy Kirby about the nomination and what keeps him motivated to keep giving back.  You can listen to it right here. Behka in the Morning · Justin Hubbs is Central Bank of Sedalia's Unsung Hero Congratulations, Justin, and thanks for all the great work you do! If you'd like to nominate your Unsung Hero, you can do it here.

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