I admit that I'm not much of a prankster. I mean, the most I might do is pretend I forgot to give you back your pen or something. And I'm certainly not one for high stakes pranks at work, I have sherty nonsense to do.  But, this year for April Fools, I decided to try a little something.  It could be said it had mixed results.

I've talked about this before, sometimes seriously, sometimes not. I just think it's a bit of fun with good music.  So anyway.  Here's the deal.  When you buy an album, or some merchandise or a goodie bag or whatever, you always get a little something extra.  Sometimes it's just stickers (check my Switch Lite case for those), or a pen, or a pin, and sometimes it's photocards.  Photocards are something fans of all kinds of different groups collect.  Sometimes these cards can be rare, and go for literally hundreds of dollars (these, however, were not).

Now, I personally don't collect them.  And I don't have much use for them, to be honest.  So when I got these with a gift I got a while back... I decided to make use of them. I got six photocards of the youngest member of my favorite group, BTS. His name is Jeon Jungkook.  Aka Kook, Kookie, JK, etc. Don't worry, he's great, but he's not my favorite.

I placed his cards around the office, as my own very mild April Fools Day prank... and here's what happened. This was a few weeks ago, and as of right now, everything remains in place.  So I think it's fine to tell you how it went down by now.



Sometimes they must have noticed, sometimes they did, but... overall, I think they didn't.  So... I think we can take that as a fail. Or at least, a fail in progress.  Nobody said anything to me about it (and come on, let's be honest with ourselves, who else would it be), so either they don't care or didn't notice.  Or... maybe they just love it so much they can't be bothered to part with them? MAYBE.

Not that I'm going to do this again, but.... hmm.  It's Food For Thought. Have you ever done an April Fools prank that didn't work?  What happened?  Did you do any pranks at all this year, ones that worked or didn't?

Prankingly yours,

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